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Photos courtesy of Laurie Lange.)

BLM activities in Nebraska primarily center around the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Holding Facility at Elm Creek where gathered horses are brought in, rehabilitated if necessary, and offered for adoption to qualified individuals.


By law, the BLM supervises the removal of horses or burros. These animals are gathered "...in order to preserve and maintain a thriving natural ecological balance and multiple-use relationship" in the habitat management areas which are in the jurisdiction of the BLM."

The Act allows the Secretary of the Interior, and thus the BLM, to offer excess animals for private maintenance and care. Between fiscal years 1972 and 1988, a total of 91,419 animals had been adopted. Leading the states with the most number of horse adoptions are Texas, followed by South Dakota, California, Oklahoma and Oregon. Californians have adopted the most burros.

The BLM maintains a number of permanent centers where animals are available for adoption all year long. Satellite adoptions are sponsored at locations convenient to the public. A typical satellite adoption is held on a weekend in an area where adoption demand has been identified.

To adopt a horse or burro, an individual must be at least 18 years of age, have no convictions for inhumane treatment of animals and have adequate facilities and means of transportation to provide humane care and proper treatment for the animal. Parents or legal guardians may adopt a horse or burro and allow children to assist in caring for and training the animal.

An adoption fee of $125 per horse or burro is charged at all adoption centers. Unweaned foals accompanying a mare or jenny will be sold only with their mothers. Progeny of adopted wild horses or burros which are born in captivity are not considered to be "wild and free-roaming" and are, therefore, the property of adopters.

All satellite adoptions in the district are conducted on a bid basis with bids starting at $125. Clipboards are posted for each horse where adopters record their bids. Adopters can place bids on more horses than they intend to take home. They will have their choice of the horses to which they are high bid after the bid interval closes. Those animals not taken will be offered to the next highest bidder(s) at the higest offers made by those individuals.

Animals not taken in the bid round are available for the remainder of the adoption for the minimum bid. Some "cottage contractor" trained horses are offered from time to time. For information on the cottage contractor program, click here!

One year after signing an adoption agreement, the adopter may receive title to the horse or burro provided that the animal has received proper care and maintenance.


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