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(Graphics courtesy of BLM, photos courtesy of Laurie Lange)

  Welcome to Elm Creek

The Elm Creek facility prepares for adoption "excess" horses gathered from overpopulated habitat management areas. At Elm Creek they are vet checked, provided with vaccinations and the other basic elements of animal husbandry. Especially during the Nevada droughts, some horses came in severely underweight and had to be restored to health.

Once they are processed and deemed to be healthy, they are made available to qualified adopters. Contrary to a couple of sensationalizzed news reports, these horses are protected under the Wild and Free Roaming Horses and Burros act and are not destined for the slaughterhouses.

The following photographs were taken in October, 1996.

Elm Creek Holding Facility
Another View of the Facility
(Image #4)
(Image #5)
(Image #6)

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