Wild Horses in the Eastern States KBR Wild Horse and Burro Information Sheet


The "South Florida Mustang Club," Ft. Pierce Beach, FL

While the eastern United States don't have wild horse herds and Herd Management Areas on the scale of the western states, there are wild horse bands present, some of which are managed by private, non profit organizations. Additionally, the BLM operates an adoption center in Cross Plains, Tenn., where horses gathered from the western states are available for adoption. This facility also schedules satellite adoptions in other eastern states.


Wild Horses in Maryland / Virginia

  • The Chincoteague Ponies of Assateague Island

Corolla Wild Horses of North Carolina

  • The wild horses of Corolla

Shackleford Banks Wild Horses

  • Congress acts to protect the wild horses of Cape Lookout National Seashore (NC)
  • Photo record of "Banker horse" health roundup

Stallion, "Winston," and one of his foals;
Shackleford Banks, NC

Wild Horses at the Kentucky Horse Park

  • Inner city kids and wild horses? Check out this unique joint effort!

BLM Eastern States' Wild Horse and Burro Page

  • This new site has a thorough index to all sorts of information

BLM Eastern States' Home Page

  • BLM's new main Eastern States page

The Eastern States WHB Adoption Center

  • Information about the adoption center in Cross Plains, Tenn.

Adopt-a-Wild Horse via the Internet!

  • BLM Eastern States' prototype "on-line" adoption program

Mississippi Wild Horse and Burro Activities

  • BLM Jackson (MS) Field Office's Wild Horse & Burro Page

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