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The Bureau of Land Management's Eastern States office is holding adoptions of Wild Horses and Burros over the Internet. Applications will be accepted electronically and an interactive auction will be held online. Horses are located at various facilities across the country. For more information and application procedures, please visit the BLM's internet adoption site at

and KBR's extensive
Internet Adoption Info and FAQ Page.
"Max," a 6 year old gelding
adopted by Joyce North in 1999,
a few monts after the adoption

Here's how the adoptions work:

The internet adoption site has sections where you can review adoption requirements and you can view current photos of the animals which are available. If you comply with the requirements for housing, care and feeding of a wild horse or burro, you can complete the on-line adoption application which will will be reviewed by a Wild Horse and Burro Specialist. Once you are approved, you will be emailed a UserID and password.

You will be able to bid on any of the animals offered for adoption through the Internet. Bids will be taken only during the period of open bidding which is specified on the BLM's internet adoption website. Your applications must be received in advance in order to place a bid!

The high bid amount and UserID will be displayed, in real time, on the Internet. The adoption limit of four untitled animals per adopter still applies. You may bid on as many animals as you like, but you will only be able to adopt up to your four top choices. If you are high bidder on more than four horses (or for more than the number of horses thatyou wish to take home), the horses which you "pass" will move on to the next highest bidder. (So, in reverse it is possible that you may be offered an animal upon which you were outbid, but which the high bidder passed on.)

Animals obtained in the Internet adoption must be picked up at the BLM's Adoption Center identified with each animal. (Pick up times may be posted on the BLM internet adoption web page.) When you arrive at the facility you will need to complete your adoptor's agreement and pay with cash, money order or MasterCard/Visa credit cards.

If for any reason the successful bidders are not satisfied with their selected animals when they arrive to pick them up, they are not obligated to take them home.


BLM's On-Line Adoption Page

Internet Adoption Assistance and FAQ Page

Updates on Activities and Adoptions in the Eastern States

This is not a BLM operated or BLM sponsored site. It is run by private wild horse and burro enthusiasts. We are thankful to the BLM for providing much of the information which is presented here.

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