KBR Wild Horse and Burro Information Sheet

Silver State Industries
Comstock Wild Horse
Gentling Program

Warm Springs Correctional Center,
Carson City, Nevada

Nevada is home to tens of thousands of wild horses. Many do not live on lands designated by the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act. These horses fall under the jurisdiction of the State of Nevada Department of Agriculture. The Department of Agriculture manages these animals using its own staff and through a consortium of agreements with established wildlife protection organizations and the State Department of Corrections and its "Silver State Industries" program.

Estray horses that wander onto state highways, become "nuisance" horses or pose a risk to public safety have to be gathered in. Some are successfully relocated to safer areas. Others are held for public adoption. Adoptions are held at the Warm Springs Correctional Center every two months.

With the current drought and wildfire situation, more horses than ever are migrating into into environmentally sensitive areas or locations where they pose hazards to humans and themselves. It is more important than ever to get excess estrays placed in good adoptive homes.

A band of Virginia Highlands Horses
Thirsty horses getting a drink

The Warm Springs Program

At Warm Springs Correctional Center, inmates working under the direct supervision of a professional horse trainer, employ resistance-free training methods to gentle and train the horses. The program trains up to 16 horses at a time, in 45-60 day cycles. Adoptions are held at the correctional center every 2 months.

The adoptions are conducted in an auction format. The minimum bid for a trained horse is $150.00. Most horses are working well under saddle and rider when they have completed the training program. Proceeds from the adoption are used to offset the costs of the program.

Some really great horses have been offered for adoption during 2002. Here are some links to view of many of those animals.

Other Inmate Horse Training Features

Click Here to see photos of the February 8, 2003 adoption.

Click Here to see photos of the October 12, 2002 horses.

Click Here to see photos of the June 8, 2002 horses.

Click Here to see photos of the January 26, 2002 adoption.

Some of the program horses

For more information, please log onto the Comstock Wild Horse Training Program website at http://www.silverstateindustries.com/horse.html.

View the Latest Adoption Flyer

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