KBR Wild Horse and Burro Information Sheet

Available Horses at the
February 8, 2003 Warm Springs
Wild Horse Adoption

Warm Springs Correctional Center,
Carson City, Nevada

The training crew with
Program Director Hank Curry
The February "class" of horses at the Warm Springs Correctional Facility consisted of a nice mix of Nevada "Comstock" and BLM horses. The inmates have done their usual great job, riding many of them bareback, double and roping off of them. These inmates really love working with the horses, even "naming" them during the training program.

These animals will be offered at a public offering at the Warm Springs Correctional Facility at 10AM on February 8, 2003.

Trainers' Comments and Photos

#0455 (Booger)

Booger is a Black gelding with a star and 2 rear socks, he is 14.1 hands and weighs 800 lbs. He is a spirited yet gentle horse. Since he is only 3 years old he has a lot of youthful energy. Booger doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, and he really likes to run the barrels. I have started working him with a rope from the saddle and he likes that too. Booger has yet to see a cow but I have roped other horses off of him with no problems. He has pulled a drag like he was born to it. I think that Booger would make a good ranch horse, he’s athletic enough to sort cows and he could drag calves to the branding fire all day long.

Trainer: R. Hamm

#0468 (Crow):

Crow is a nice little 4 year old bay gelding. He is 13.2 hands and weighs 800 lbs. He has good conformation and moves real nice. He travels well and has a smooth transition through his walk trot and lope. Crow will need someone who is an experienced rider. He has come a long way in the time I’ve had him, bu he does have a lot of action and you can do just about anything with him.

He is solid with his feet being picked up and has had his feet trimmed, I have done a lot of rope work with him and he accepts it without spooking. Pony and fence work he accepts as well. Crow has a lot of trust and a lot of heart. You can rid him anywhere and he will not spook. I think he will become a fine horse once finished out.

Trainer: Chris Suggs

#0312 (Ka Uhi Wai): (means morning mist in Hawaiian)

Ka Uhi Wai is a Sorrel Gelding. He is very intelligent, and is waiting for a kind and loving person to learn and bond with. Lots of love and patience and you will have a horse that will do or at least try to do whatever is asked of him. He is easy to teach and eager to comply once he trusts you. The Hardest challenge is to for this horse is to gain trust from you, after doing that, everything else will come easy, as it was for me.

Getting him to 'whoa' whenever I wanted hi to stop whatever he was doing, wasn’t a hard task, nor getting a saddle on him on the 4th day of training. Picking up his front and back hooves took a little over 30 minutes for him to catch on to what I wanted him to do. He leads really well, turns on a dime and backs up on command with little to no effort at all. He gets curried and brushed daily after training so he is really comfortable having human contact. This horse will be the talk of the neighborhood and will make whoever owns him very proud and will have a horse who will give them lots of love.

Trainer: Jimmy Santos

#0470 (Playboy):

Play Boy is a 13 hands, 3 year old Bay Gelding. Playboy is a very nice horse, though he is not a horse for a beginning rider. He’s been taught to pony and will pony with other horses. I can swing a rope off of him and he can pull logs, drags, and railroad ties with ease. All four feet have been trimmed and he will stand calmly while it’s being done. Playboy has a lot of heart and will try very hard for you. I believe that an experienced rider will very much enjoy this horse's ability.

Trainer: W. Hybarger

#0045 (Red Devil):

Red Devil is 15 hands, 8 ½ year old sorrel gelding. He is a high-energy horse. I have been working with Red every day for about 3 months. He can be ornery and sometimes skittish around new people. However, he has never acted this way around me. He will come when called and lower his head to allow you to put a headstall or halter on. He has no problems with his feet, you can pick up all four. Red does love to run and will do so all day. He would make a great horse for an experienced rider, or a new rider with an experienced trainer.

Trainer: D. Kruk

(Webmaster's note: Sounds like a decent competetive trail prospect.)

#0337 (Stormy):

Stormy is a 14 hand, 6 year old sorrel gelding. He has a beautiful flaxen mane and tail. I have been working with him for about 3 months. He has been nothing but gentle and curious, where other horses have been scared. Stormy has been very accepting about the things going on around him. He has had all four feet trimmed with no problems. Stormy is like a big old teddy bear you can love and ride. He never runs off and is very hard to spook. I believe these qualities would bring a lot of happiness and joy to any kid who wants a great horse.

Trainer: J. Pelas

#0333 (Windsor):

Windsor is a 14 hand, 4 ½ year old gelding paint. He is white and Brown/Black in color. He is a well mannered horse, with progressive talent. He enjoys having a rider and rides well with other horses. This horse is very easy to saddle with no fear of objects, moving or stationary. Windsor is “partially” blind in his left eye, however this has no effect on his working ability. He is quick to respond and fast on his feet, he will make a great horse for the novice rider.

Trainer: M. Andruss

Coming to the Facility

While the wild horse pens are separated from the main facility, the adoption is held inside the perimeter of a secure prison. Visitors can park close to the entrance and they should leave knives of any kind, purses, cellular telephones and cameras in their vehicles. Car keys and any contraband will have to be left at the guard station.

This is a prison facility! For security reasons members of the public who are dressed in clothing that can be confused with prison clothing will not be permitted in! That means no blue jeans nor blue jackets of any kind!

Presenting the Horses

All the horses being offered are presented before the bidding takes place. Horses that can be safely ridden in front of the crowd will be ridden. Those with less saddle experience may be saddled and presented in-hand, and occasionally mounted. While all of the saddled horses could probably be ridden, the emphasis is to avoid overstimulating and potentially harming a green horse. Trust between horse and handler must always be maintained. The handler's responsibility is to not ask the horse for more than he can emotionally handle, even though he may want to show how much more that the horse can actually do.

Saddling Young Horses

Some of these horses have been saddled at a relatively early age. The purpose of this activity is to get the horse familiar with saddle and rider. Only light impact work was done with them. Presenting younger horses under saddle should not be construed as an endorsement for riding horses before they are physically mature. Adopters of young horses should use appropriate discretion and caution until their animals have fully developed.

Click here to see available trained BLM horses

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Warm Springs adoptions are typically held four times per year. Horses remain the property of the state adoption agent for one year after adoption. Title will be transferred to the adopter after this period if the horse has been provided proper care.

Prospective bidders are encouraged to prequalify so that there are no complications on adoption day. Adoption application forms can be downloaded here.

For more information, please log onto the Comstock Wild Horse Training Program website at www.silverstateindustries.com/horse.html.

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