KBR Wild Horse and Burro Information Sheet

Available Horses at the
October 12, 2002 Warm Springs
Wild Horse Adoption

Warm Springs Correctional Center,
Carson City, Nevada

The training crew with
Program Director Hank Curry
The October "class" of horses at the Warm Springs Correctional Facility consisted of a nice bunch of BLM geldings. The inmates have done their usual great job, riding many of them bareback. These inmates really love working with the horses, even "naming" them during the training program.

The saddle horses (several of which are pictured below), along with some nice halter started yearlings, were offered at a public adoption at the facility on October 12th.

#8832 (Bandit): A 2 year-old sorrel gelding with a blaze, 2 rear socks and a flaxen mane and tail. Hes about 15 hands and 1000 pounds. Trainer Keith Cleghorn (who is a big man and makes most horses look small) says that Bandit is a very mellow horse, "Hes a young horse with an old soul." Hes very gentle, doesnt mind having any of his feet touched and he loves being showered with the water hose. Hes accepting of change and adapts well to various circumstances.
#7923 (Biscuit): A 2 year-old buckskin gelding with a dorsal stripe and a left rear sock. He's 14 hands and about 900 pounds. Trainer Carlos Hernandez says that Biscuit has never bucked, kicked or bitten. He's a good horse and a quick learner-he was haltered his first day in the program. He's very friendly and readily approaches people. You can pick up all his feet. Hernandez says that Biscuit will make a good horse for anybody. He's been used as a trainer horse for the trainers, so he handles change very well.
#8175 (Buster): A 4 year-old sorrel gelding with a star and 2 rear socks. He's about 14 hands and 850 pounds. Trainer Chris Suggs says that you can rope off Buster, ride him bareback, touch him anywhere, and he can be mounted on either side. Buster also has a nice walk, trot and lope. He's had his feet trimmed, so he easily handles having his feet touched. He can also be used to pony other horses, or he can be ponied himself. He's a fully rounded horse.
#8838 (Candlebox): A 2-year-old bay gelding with a star, strip and 3 white socks. He's approximately 13.5 hands and 750 pounds. Trainer Chris Pullen says he'll make a good kids' horse. He also says that Candlebox will do anything you ask him to do. He's afraid of nothing, has no problems having his feet picked up, and likes being ridden.
#7891 (Dandy): A 2 year-old sorrel gelding with a star and 4 white socks. He's 14 hands and about 850 pounds. His trainers are Jimmy Santos and Andy Countryman. Dandy is perfect for any rider. He's never bucked and would be great for the mustang show circuit.
#8580 (Seven Dust): A 4 year-old sorrel gelding with 3 white socks. He's about 13.5 hands and weighs approximately 850 pounds. Trainer Mitch Andruss says that Seven Dust can walk, trot and lope very well. He is "not scared of objects whatsoever." He also gets along well with other horses, likes to be ridden, and behaves well with a rider. Mitch says that Seven Dust would make a great trail horse.
#8554 (Uffda): A 2 year-old sorrel gelding with a right rear sock. He's about 14.1 hands and 850 pounds. Trainer Andy Countryman says that by the adoption date, Uffda will be ready to work in whatever capacity needed. He's a steady horse, described as "solid as a rock" by his trainer.
#8001 (Wanna-Be): A 2 year-old sorrel gelding with a blaze and 2 rear white socks. He's about 14 hands and 850 pounds. Trainer Will Hybarger says that "he's the best horse here." Wanna-Be can be roped off, used to pony other horses, and loads on a two-horse trailer very well. He's very, very gentle and likes being ridden. He also gets along well with other horses. He doesn't mind having his feet trimmed, but he doesn't like being left alone.

Coming to the Facility

While the wild horse pens are separated from the main facility, the adoption is held inside the perimeter of a secure prison. Visitors can park close to the entrance and they should leave knives of any kind, purses, cellular telephones and cameras in their vehicles. Car keys and any contraband will have to be left at the guard station.

For security reasons blue jackets and blue jeans (or any outer clothing that appears blue) are not permitted. Visitors who forget and wear blue jeans will be issued white plastic overpants to wear and may have to take blue jackets back to their vehicles.

Presenting the Horses

All the horses being offered are presented before the bidding takes place. Horses that can be safely ridden in front of the crowd will be ridden. Those with less saddle experience may be saddled and presented in-hand, and occasionally mounted. While all of the saddled horses could probably be ridden, the emphasis is to avoid overstimulating and potentially harming a green horse. Trust between horse and handler must always be maintained. The handler's responsibility is to not ask the horse for more than he can emotionally handle, even though he may want to show how much more that the horse can actually do.

Saddling Young Horses

Some of these horses have been saddled at a relatively early age. The purpose of this activity is to get the horse familiar with saddle and rider. Only light impact work was done with them. Presenting 2 year olds under saddle should not be construed as an endorsement for riding horses before they are physically mature. Adopters of young horses should use appropriate discretion and caution until their animals have fully developed.

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Warm Springs adoptions are typically held on alternate months. Horses remain government property for one year after adoption. Title will be transferred to the adopter after this period if the horse has been provided proper care.

For more information, please log onto the Comstock Wild Horse Training Program website at www.silverstateindustries.com/horse.html.

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