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Patents from 1910 through 1919

Patents are an effective way to understand the development of street lighting in the United States. In this section I have posted patents as I located them. (Early patents are difficult to locate as they were not cross-indexed.)

All patents are listed in order of their filing dates. Click on the patent number or thumbnail to view the entire patent.

By 1910 inventors were not only working on improved ways to reflect and refract electric light, but they were also starting to develop mercury vapor lamps.

Patent No. 1153443

Filing date: April 30, 1910
Patent date: September 14, 1915
Title: Reflector for Vapor-Lamps
Inventor: Joseph C. Pole
Assignee: Cooper Hewett Electric Co.
Claims: Double parabolic reflector designed to keep the mercury vapor lamp from absorbing its own light.

Patent No. 1085145

Filing date: January 24, 1913
Patent date: January 27, 1914
Title: Lamp Supporting Structure
Inventor: Otis A. Mygatt
Assignee: C. F. Massey Co.
Claims: Concrete multiple luminaire lamp structure.

Patent No. D046514

Filing date: July 30, 1914
Patent date: October 6, 1914
Title: Lamp Post
Inventor: Edwin D. Smith
Claims: Lamp post design.

Patent No. 1133266

Filing date: July 31, 1914
Patent date: March 30, 1915
Title: Gas-Lamp
Inventor: Guy B. Collier
Claims: Improved ignition and ventilation.

Patent No. 1236594

Filing date: December 31, 1915
Patent date: August 14, 1917
Title: Illuminating Appliance
Inventor: Otis A. Mygatt
Assignee: Holophane Co.
Claims: Double prismatic refractor to improve the direction of radiated light.

Patent No. 1230992

Filing date: July 14, 1915
Patent date: June 26, 1917
Title: Lamp Support
Inventor: Melzar W. Brigham
Claims: Clamp type pole mount for bracket arm.

Patent No. D048862 (Design Patent)

Filing date: January 20, 1916
Patent date: April 11, 1916
Title: Design - Ornamental Lantern
Inventor: Owen E. Hill
Assignee: Western Electric Co.
Claims: Ornamentally improved lamp design.

Patent No. 1299936

Filing date: February 20, 1917
Patent date: April 8, 1919
Title: Lighting Unit
Inventor: Ward Harrison
Assignee: General Electric Co.
Claims: Band type refractor to refract light in conventional luminaires.

Patent No. D051221 (Design Patent)

Filing date: May 19, 1917
Patent date: September 4, 1917
Title: Design - Lamp Post
Inventor: Fayette Draper Bulla
Assignee: George Cutter Co.
Claims: Ornamentally improved lamp post.

Patent No. 1274495 (Design Patent)

Filing date: June 16, 1917
Patent date: August 6, 1918
Title: Film Socket
Inventor: Herman H. Ashinger
Assignee: George Cutter Co.
Claims: Socket insert that holds a film cutout.

Patent No. 1297432 (Design Patent)

Filing date: February 25, 1918
Patent date: March 18, 1919
Title: Film Socket
Inventor: Herman H. Ashinger
Assignee: George Cutter Co.
Claims: Improved film cutout socket insert that is easier to reload.

Patent No. 1293161

Filing date: April 22, 1918
Patent date: February 4, 1919
Title: Lamp Construction
Inventor: Frederick Shannon Mills
Claims: Post lamp design using indirect lighting to reduce glare.

Patent No. 1618816

Filing date: May 3, 1918
Patent date: February 22, 1927
Title: Light-Control Switch
Inventor: Henry R. Davies
Assignee: Industrial Research Corp.
Claims: Lamp control using photosensitive tubes. (Early photoelectric control.)

Patent No. 1357559

Filing date: November 1, 1918
Patent date: November 2, 1919
Title: Globe-Holder
Inventor: Richard A. Heilenday
Assignee: Standard Oil Co.
Claims: Electric globe holder with improved heat ventilation.

Patent No. 1297432 (Design Patent)

Filing date: December 18, 1918
Patent date: January 10, 1922
Title: Film Socket
Inventor: Herman H. Ashinger
Assignee: George Cutter Co.
Claims: Improved film cutout socket that is more vibration resistant.

Patent No. 1366914

Filing date: July 9, 1919
Patent date: February 1, 1921
Title: Safety Cut-Out Switch
Inventor: Oliver M. King
Claims: A switch that automatically cuts out a suspension luminaire when the lamp is lowered for servicing.

Patent No. 1466110

Filing date: November 17, 1919
Patent date: August 28, 1923
Title: System of Street Lighting and Apparatus Therefor
Inventor: Charlie G. Beckwith
Claims: Post mounted luminaire equipped with dual output autotransformer to provide power to the main luminaire as well as a low output "warning lamp" to help drivers see the lamp post.

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