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Patents from 1920 through 1924

Patents are an effective way to understand the development of street lighting in the United States. In this section I have posted patents as I located them. (Early patents are difficult to locate as they were not cross-indexed.)

All patents are listed in order of their filing dates. Click on the patent number or thumbnail to view the entire patent.

The "Roaring Twenties" were also roaring for street lamp inventors. There were so many patents filed that we've had to break this decade into multiple pages.

Patent No. 1422249

Filing date: January 31, 1920
Patent date: July 11, 1922
Title: Apparatus for Lighting and Extinguishing Gas Burners of Street Lamps
Inventor: Paul Bernard and Maxime Barbe
Claims: Improved lighting and extinguishing apparatus.

Patent No. 1421058

Filing date: March 1, 1920
Patent date: June 27, 1922
Title: Lantern Construction
Inventor: Henry Barkschat
Claims: Ornamental post type lantern lunminaire.

Patent No. 1427344

Filing date: March 20, 1920
Patent date: August 29, 1922
Title: Weather Protecting Ring for Street Lamps
Inventor: William G. Barclay
Assignee: Erick Blaine Thelin
Claims: Ring collar for the base of post mounted globes to reduce moisture intrusion.

Patent No. 1402037

Filing date: April 2, 1920
Patent date: January 3, 1922
Title: Transformer
Inventor: James C. Armor
Assignee: General Electric Co.
Claims: A series circuit transformer that is protected from ground related short circuits.

Patent No. 1546350

Filing date: November 20, 1920
Patent date: July 24, 1925
Title: Lamp Casing
Inventor: James A. O'Neil
Assignee: General Electric Co.
Claims: A luminaire casing (lamp base) that easily accomodates all components including multiple piece refractor elements.

Patent No. 1454855

Filing date: December 30, 1920
Patent date: May 15, 1923
Title: Lamp Hanger
Inventor: Ernest Milton Larkins
Assignee: George Cutter Co.
Claims: Lamp lowering device that disconnects the lamp when it is lowered for servicing.

Patent No. 1545711

Filing date: January 5, 1921
Patent date: July 14, 1925
Title: Electric Lamp Structure
Inventor: John R. Townsend
Assignee: George Cutter Co.
Claims: Low glare luminaire that uses a diffusing lamp bulb.

Patent No. 1512039

Filing date: January 12, 1921
Patent date: October 21, 1924
Title: Street Lighting Accessory
Inventor: John Boden Radford
Assignee: Western Electric Co.
Claims: Improved conductor termination at post lamp socket.

Patent No. 1491107

Filing date: September 6, 1921
Patent date: April 22, 1924
Title: Pole for Arc and Street Lamp Lowering Devices
Inventor: Roy B. Meredith and Stephen B. Dushenski
Assignee: General Electric Co.
Claims: Hook and pole device to simplify lowering of lamps for servicing.

Patent No. 1440664

Filing date: September 12, 1921
Patent date: January 2, 1923
Title: Street Lamp
Inventor: Raymond A. Fancy
Claims: Improved globe support and access to the lamp burner.

Patent No. D063560 (Design Patent)

Filing date: February 27, 1922
Patent date: December 18, 1923
Title: Street Lamp Post
Inventor: Arthur G. Kinney
Assignee: The Fargo Foundry Co.
Claims: Ornamental lamp post design.

Patent No. 1594042 (Design Patent)

Filing date: May 4, 1922
Patent date: July 27, 1926
Title: Safety Island Light Fixture
Inventor: Frank Brueggeman
Claims: Ornamental lamp post design.

Patent No. 1548656

Filing date: May 5, 1922
Patent date: August 4, 1925
Title: Film Cut-Out
Inventor: Henry E. Butler
Assignee: General Electric Co.
Claims: Film cutout attached to magazine bolus for easier insertion.

Patent No. 1551274

Filing date: June 16, 1922
Patent date: August 25, 1925
Title: Highway-Lighting Unit
Inventor: John R. Townsend
Assignee: George Cutter Co.
Claims: Asymmetricalstreet light with flat refractor faces to rpoject low glare light along a roadway.

Patent No. D065205 (Design Patent)

Filing date: July 13, 1922
Patent date: July 15, 1924
Title: Design for a Lighting Standard
Inventor: John R. Townsend
Assignee: George Cutter Co.
Claims: Ornamental lamp post design.

Patent No. D63643

Filing date: May 11, 1923
Patent date: December 25, 1923
Title: Upright for a Lighting Unit
Inventor: Joseph W. Gosling
Assignee: General Electric Co.
Claims: Design for luminaire post.

Patent No. 1646045

Filing date: June 14, 1923
Patent date: October 18, 1927
Title: Street Lighting System
Inventor: William Van Allen
Claims: Low level indirect lighting post luminaire.

Patent No. 1596006

Filing date: October 31, 1923
Patent date: August 17, 1927
Title: Luminaire
Inventor: William A. Dorey
Assignee: Holophane Co.
Claims: Dual prismatic refractor with asymmetrical focal areas. (Holophane "Center Line" refractor.)

Patent No. D69100 (Design patent)

Filing date: December 15, 1923
Patent date: December 22, 1925
Title: Street Lamp
Inventor: Lynn A. Vietor
Claims: Lamp post design

Patent No. 1522942

Filing date: February 12, 1924
Patent date: January 13, 1925
Title: Incandescent-Electric-Lamp Fixture
Inventor: Thomas B. Cabell
Claims: Adjustable lamp holder for use with various size lamp bulbs and various reflector designs.

Patent No. 1573580

Filing date: March 10, 1924
Patent date: February 16, 1926
Title: Canopy Holder
Inventor: Harry E. Ruttle
Claims: Spring clip type holder for post type luminaire canopies.

Patent No. 1667910

Filing date: March 24, 1924
Patent date: May 1, 1928
Title: Lamp Grip
Inventor: John R. Townsend
Assignee: George Cutter Co.
Claims: Modified socket to prevent lamps from loosening due to vibration.

Patent No. 1733000

Filing date: April 17, 1924
Patent date: October 22, 1929
Title: Series Receptacle
Inventor: Percy S. Bailey
Assignee: General Electric Co.
Claims: Series bayonet socket receptacle for porcelain luminaire head.

Patent No. 1622272

Filing date: May 15, 1924
Patent date: March 19, 1927
Title: Highway-Lighting Unit
Inventor: Reuben B. Benjamin
Assignee: Benjamin Electric Manufacturing Co.
Claims: Transverse overhead highway lighting unit.

Patent No. 1549428

Filing date: August 1, 1924
Patent date: August 11, 1925
Title: Lamp Standard
Inventor: Christopher C. Barrick
Assignee: Union Metal Manufacturing Co.
Claims: Fluted sheet metal lamp post.

Patent No. 1716271

Filing date: August 2, 1924
Patent date: June 4, 1929
Title: Street Lighting System
Inventor: Samuel B. Hood
Assignee: Line Material Co.
Claims: Fail safe street lighting circuit.

Patent No. 1552701

Filing date: August 20, 1924
Patent date: September 8, 1925
Title: Street Lighting System
Inventor: Samuel B. Hood
Assignee: Line Material Co.
Claims: System for controlling groups of lights separately on the same series circuit.

Patent No. 1626498

Filing date: September 23, 1924
Patent date: April 26, 1927
Title: Reflector
Inventor: Percy S. Bailey
Assignee: General Electric Co.
Claims: Asymmetrical radial wave reflector.

Patent No. 1662334

Filing date: November 24, 1924
Patent date: March 13, 1928
Title: Street Light Fixture
Inventor: Fred B. Reberg
Claims: Bracket arm designed to contain lowering cord for servicing lamp.

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