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  G.E. Streamline

G.E. produced the Streamline model from 1952 until 1957 when the G.E. signal line was bought out by Econolite. The Streamline was unique as it was made of stamped rather than cast aluminum and the sections were round.

This G.E. Streamline was restored to Baltimore specs with tunnel visors for the red and yellow sections and a cap visor for the green section. The idea presumably for the green cap visor was to make it easier for pedestrians to see the green light but limit the side splash of the brighter yellow and red colors.

Streamlines had 8 3/8 inch lenses and were probably the concept behind Econolite's 12 inch round "bulls eye" signals that were produced after Econolite took over the G.E. line.

Streamlines typically were equipped with Kopp TL-4655 "brick pattern" lenses.

  Streamline Characteristics

Each of the sections have notched tops and bottoms. The top is slightly convex to shed water and seats against the bottom which is slightly concave. The coupling rings have little teeth that fit into the slots and keep each section properly aligned.

(The section on the left is right side up. The section on the right is bottom side up.)

The terminal block is attached to the base of the top section by the bolt that holds the coupling rings tight.

Each coupling ring has two teeth and two notches for the opposing teeth to seat into.

Here is how the sections look stacked with the coupling rings bolted together.

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