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Traffic Signal Collection

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  G.E. Streamline Ped Head

G.E. Streamlines were also used for 8" round pedestrian signals.

The most common lenses used were Kopp TL-4700 WALK lenses with white letters and Kopp TL-4701 WAIT lenses with orange letters on a black band with orange tops and bottoms. (The WAIT lenses had the orange tops and bottoms so that they could be more easily distinguished from the WALK lenses by colorblind pedestrians, particularly since WALK and WAIT could be confused from across a large street.)

Kopp TL-4700 WALK lens.
Side view of the signal.
The Streamlines were pretty easy to disassemble and reassemble. The lens and visor both fit into a lens collar, secured in place by a screw that tightened the collar. The reflector was fitted to a heavy rubber gasket that seated it both into the stamped metal housing and against the lens in the collar.

The reflector fit into the housing, the collar snapped into a set of hinge holders, and the whole works swung shut, secured by a clasp.

Reflector, visor, collar and lens.
Visor and lens in the collar.
Reflector with gasket.
Reflector (normally in housing) seated to the lens.

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