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  G.E. Grooveback

The grooveback was General Electric's mainstream single face traffic signal from the 1940s until 1954 when G.E. intriduced the Streamline. The grooveback replaced the G.E. Novalux. The grooveback was the basis for Econolite's long groove signal. When Econolite bought out G.E.'s traffic signal division in 1957, the long groove was continued with a couple of minor changes. The G.E. logos on the section backs and lenses were replaced with Econolite logos and the older style "cereal bowl" reflectors were replaced with dish reflectors.

The lenses in this particular signal are GE brick patterns, somewhat similar to Kopp TL-4655 lenses, but without any part number on the rim.

Rear view of signal.
Interior, terminal block, reflector clipped to signal door.
G.E. Brick pattern lens.
Reflector unclipped for bulb changing.
I was able to acquire some Holophane spiderweb GE command lenses and I put them in the groove back. They weren't quite the same as regular Holophane spiderweb lenses. The regular spiderwebs had brightly polished glass inside that brightened the light coming through the lenses. The command spiderwebs had a somewhat frosted surface on the inside that diffused the light around the commands.

Signal with Holophane commands.
Regular and command spiderwebs.

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