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  Econolite 12-8-8 Traffic Signal

In 1933 Econolite entered the traffic control market by producing a stop sign with a built in flashing light. By 1935 Econolite was the installation contractor for General Electric (GE) traffic signals. In 1956 Econolite started producing their own line of traffic signals, patterned after GE's "groove back" design. By 1957 Econolite had bought out GE's entire traffic signal and control product line, dropping GE's fixed 4-way signals and concentrating on adjustable signals and controllers.

The "classic" Econolite involved 8 inch "groove back" heads and Econolite's distinctive round bodied 12 inch "bulls eye" heads. These were extremely reliable signals. The "groove back" was basically GE's design except that the Econolite oval logo replaced the circular GE logo. The early Econolites used the same Kopp TL-4655 "brick pattern" lenses as GE, except that the center of the lenses sported the Econolite oval instead of the GE circle.

The 8 inch sections of this particular signal were called "long groove" heads since the grooves ran the entire length of the backs of the signal sections. Later Econolite shortened the grooves so that they did not extend to the ends of the sections, providing a little better moisture resistance.

Here are some views of this signal on the assembly bench and installed in the collection.

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