Willis Lamm's
Traffic Signal Collection

Crouse-Hinds 3 Section Type M 4-Way

This signal was received in excellent operating condition. It even had the original factory paint, although the paint was worn in several sections. The fact that the signal hadn't been brush painted made restoration a whole lot easier.

The signal had been shipped in a stout wood reinforced carton which was good since although the box was marked indicating which end was up, the signal was shipped on its side. The heavy packing resulted in only minor tweaks to three visors which were easily reshaped.

On initial inspection it turned out that this signal had been originally wired for 3-circuit operation. That meant that it used an old timey sequence where yellow overlapped both the red and green indications. That factor was also a bonus since I had intended to have this light display double overlaps. (Check the video link at the bottom of this page.)

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Packed safely in a frame reinforced carton.
Moving the signal to the work area.
Sanded, primed and ready for paint.
Lenses washed and drying.
The signal unpacked for inspection.
Testing the circuits using a portable controller.
Freshly painted visors.
Hanging and wired up to the permanent controller

View the sequence video on YouTube.

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