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Crouse-Hinds 2 Section Type M 4-Way

This was a fairly decent signal to restore. It was in very good condition when purchased, the shipper removed the visors and lenses and shipped them in a separate box, and both packages were packed carefully.

The signal body and visors only required sanding to remove some brush paint drips, priming and repainting. It needed some replacement lenses for all lenses to be brand and vintage correct (Corning Crouse-Hinds T2 lenses) since two of the lenses that came with the light were GE spiderwebs and one was a Horni ribbed lens.

I replaced standard hex nuts on the assembly rods with bright finish stainless steel acorn nuts. From there it was simply a matter of wiring the light and hanging it.

I cannot ascertain for certain whether this signal was originally a 2-section "over and under" beacon or a two-color traffic signal, however several jurisdictions were still installing red/green signals in the mid 1950s in the Ohio region where this signal came from, and over and under beacons were not common in the 50s. I decided to leave the signal painted black and use a vintage appropriate Crouse-Hinds red/green display sequence.

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This signal was sold from the collection for use in the new NBC thriller series, Midnight, Texas.

View the sequence video on YouTube.

Crouse-Hinds Type M Distinguishing Characteristics

Lens door and reflector view.
Separate terminal strips for each section.
Aluminum reflector and socket with adjusting clamp.
Direction markings "1" and "3" for arterials.

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