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Patents from 1975 Through 1979

Patents are an effective way to understand the development of street lighting in the United States. In this section I have posted patents as I located them. (Early patents are difficult to locate as they were not cross-indexed.)

All patents are listed in order of their filing dates. Click on the patent number or thumbnail to view the entire patent.

In the second half of the 1970s there was continued development of full cutoff designs, although more efficient post mount luminaires were still being designed.

Patent No. 4007365

Filing date: April 5, 1975
Patent date: February 8, 1977
Title: Lighting Fixture with Tiltable Reflector Elements
Inventor: Hans Stempfle and Werner Rothe
Assignee: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
Claims: Adjustable reflector to focus full-cutoff box luminaires.

Patent No. 4028542

Filing date: April 16, 1975
Patent date: June 7, 1977
Title: Faceted Parabolic-Type Reflector System
Inventor: Glenn Harold McReynolds, Jr.
Assignee: Esquire, Inc.
Claims: Parabolic reflector design for full-cutoff box luminaires.

Patent No. 4010362

Filing date: December 4, 1975
Patent date: March 1, 1977
Title: Luminaire Shield Device
Inventor: Thomas A. Fletcher
Assignee: General Electric Co.
Claims: Shield device to prevent birds from entering cobrahead luminaire.

Patent No. 4041306

Filing date: December 15, 1975
Patent date: August 9, 1977
Title: Luminaire and Reflector Therefor
Inventor: Wayne W. Compton and Robert Paul Draper
Assignee: Kim Lighting, Inc.
Claims: Full cutoff box type luminaire.

Patent No. 4053766

Filing date: December 23, 1975
Patent date: October 11, 1977
Title: Lamp Lens Structure
Inventor: John R. Brass
Assignee: US Industries, Inc.
Claims: Full cutoff lens for box luminaire.

Patent No. 4096555

Filing date: October 28, 1976
Patent date: June 20, 1978
Title: Lighting fixtures
Inventor: Martin L. Lasker
Assignee: Wylain, Inc.
Claims: Conical reflectors for glare-free box luminaire.

Patent No. 4261028

(France patent date: October 7, 1977)
Filing date: September 21, 1978
Patent date: April 7, 1981
Title: Luminaires
Inventor: Marie H. H. Adam
Claims: Cutoff type luminaire designed for pedestrian crosswalk illumination.

Patent No. 4160286

Filing date: July 18, 1977
Patent date: July 3, 1979
Title: Luminaire Shield
Inventor: William H. Merritt
Assignee: Plastics Engineering and Manufacturing Co.
Claims: Plastic bowl type vandal shield for cobrahead luminaires.

Patent No. 4112483

Filing date: December 5, 1977
Patent date: September 5, 1978
Title: Lighting Fixture and Method Using Multiple Reflections
Inventor: Edward A. Small and Ian Lewin
Assignee: Optical Coating Laboratory, Inc.
Claims: Multiple reflector system for focused non-glare luminaire.

Patent No. 4261029

Filing date: February 5, 1979
Patent date: April 7, 1981
Title: Lighting Device with Rotatable Reflector
Inventor: Noel Mousset
Assignee: Holophane, S.A.
Claims: Adjustable reflector for producing an assymetrical light pattern.

Patent No. 4242727

Filing date: March 29, 1979
Patent date: December 30, 1980
Title: Luminaire Reflector
Inventor: Hendrik A. J. DeVos and Elzear R. Labouliere
Assignee: Optical Coating Laboratory, Inc.
Claims: Segmented reflector that produces a square light pattern.

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