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Willis Lamm

Patents from 1980 Through 1984

Patents are an effective way to understand the development of street lighting in the United States. In this section I have posted patents as I located them. (Early patents are difficult to locate as they were not cross-indexed.)

All patents are listed in order of their filing dates. Click on the patent number or thumbnail to view the entire patent.

Improved cutoff of stray light was still a priority in the 1980s, with additional improvements in post type luminaires and a few "Euro" styles showing up.

Patent No. 4310876

Filing date: March 17, 1980
Patent date: January 12, 1982
Title: Lighting Fixture and Method Using Multiple Reflections
Inventor: Edward A. Small, Jr. and Ian Lewin
Claims: Multi-faceted reflectors to produce improved light angles and cutoff patterns.

Patent No. 4360863

Filing date: June 16, 1980
Patent date: November 23, 1982
Title: Luminaire for Residential Roadway Lighting
Inventor: Joycelyn T. Barnes, Cester A. Hard, III, Billy L. Shelby and Charles H. Loch
Assignee: International Telephone and Telegraph Corp.
Claims: Improved reflector and refractor for full cutoff residential luminaire.

Patent No. 4358816

Filing date: September 5, 1980
Patent date: November 9, 1982
Title: Roadway Luminaire
Inventor: Trasimond A. Soileau
Assignee: General Electric Co..
Claims: Multifaceted reflector for cobrahead luminaire.

Patent No. 4388680

Filing date: December 15, 1980
Patent date: June 14, 1983
Title: Luminaire for Roadway Lighting
Inventor: William C. Moore
Assignee: International Telephone and Telegraph Corp.
Claims: Improved component arrangement for polycarbonate cobrahead body.

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