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  Acquiring "Jones" Type
Series Street Light Sockets

Series socket, bayonet socket, removable socket, "stab in" socket, Jones socket (named after Walter Jones who invented the system.) These are all common names for the same device, and it's difficult to operate a series circuit street light without one.

The problem is that to everyone's knowledge these sockets have been out of production for some time and even the giant, GE, no longer has any in stock. For the most part they have to be acquired from salvage. Fortunatelty most were very well built and many that still remain are fully serviceable.

If you are looking for replacement bayonet "Jones" sockets for street service or restoration. I try to keep track of where they can be acquired. Please send me an Email and I can let you know who may currently have some available.

If for the first time you are restoring an old series circuit street light for use on 110 volts, please see the presentation, How to Safely Wire a High voltage Series Circuit Street Light for 110 Volt Use.

For the repairing or upgrading of luminaires that still operate on 6.6 or 20 amp series circuits:

Sequoia Lighting carries a variety of incandescent replacement parts including some sockets and bayonet receptacles. They also produce a line of "Stab in" conversion units that will operate lower-cost CMH, HPS and other lamps in existing series luminaires without requiring socket or wiring changes. The availability of these products could result in significant cost savings in historic districts where purchasing replica "vintage" luminaires can be quite expensive and in situations where replacing underground series circuit wiring is cost-prohibitive.


When restoring any electrical equipment please always focus on safety first. The information presented here is basic and for illustrative purposes only. Your equipment and installation conditions may warrant taking additional precautions. Therefore the material presented here is not intended to supersede the recommendations of a qualified electrician who is familiar with your specific project and environmental conditions.

For more information on how series circuits work, please see
Understanding Series Street Light systems

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