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  Westinghouse OV-20
"Clam Shell" Street Light

"Clam Shells" were a style of mercury vapor luminaires that were popular in the 1950s and '60s. Line Material Corp. came out with a popular "Ovalite" lamp that was based on the clam shell design, however the name attached to similar looking lamps made by other manufacturers. These lamps had remote ballasts that were typically mounted on the sides of the lamp posts or utility poles. They could be used in series, multiple or single lamp lighting systems. The Westinghouse OV-20 luminaire was one of the original MV luminaires that debuted in 1947. It could handle up to a 400 watt MV lamp. The OV-20 was slightly smaller than the Line Material's Ovalite and was also called the "peanut."

This particular streetlight came out of Orinda, California. I was able to intervene as it was headed into the dumpster during the upgrading of an intersection. The luminaire is streamlined yet it put out a real nice refracted light.

The light disassembled.

The luminaire "head."
Closeup of the brand casting
Its earlier location in the collection.
"Night time" mode.

The light's final installation location in the collection.
These old luminaires can also be used outdoors to provide interesting area lighting. We used them around the ranch for night lighting.

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