Willis Lamm's
Traffic Signal Collection

  Signal Service Corporation (SSC)
Type BAP-34 Fixed 4-Way Signal

Part Two

Body straightened, stripped and repainted.

The following photos show some of the signal's construction details.

SSC and its predecessor AGA had unique door fasteners. The porthole doors were secured by wing nuts on both the hinge side and the latch side of the door. Both wing nuts were loosened to open the door. When closing the porthole both nuts were tightened evenly to help ensure a tight seal between the door gasket and the signal body.

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Porthole door hinge detail.
View of door ajar and lens mounting.
Back side of reflector assembly.
Latch detail.
The reflector is held in by four spring loaded tabs.
View of typical soldered corner seam.
Brass gooseneck weatherhead (an AGA casting.)
Testing the signal.
View of bottom plate.
I like how the Kopp 27 lenses reflect off the visor undersides.

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