Willis Lamm's
Traffic Signal Collection

  Signal Service Corporation (SSC)
Type BAP-34 Fixed 4-Way Signal

Signal Service Corporation (SSC) took over the traffic signal line of American Gas Accumulator (AGA) in the early 1930s. The SSC signals were very much like the AGA signals with the same large stamped aluminum signal body. The top and bottom plates, reflectors and door hinge assemblies were nearly identical to AGA although SSC's bottom plates weren't as ornate as those made by AGA. SSC's porthole doors and visors differed from typical AGA doors and visors, although we understand that the 1931 AGA catalog did show the more modern oval porthole doors.

Restorable SSC signals are nearly impossible to find. This particular signal appeared to have been taken out of service after being struck by an overheight truck. The bottom section needed significant repairs and the bottom plate was broken into several pieces with a portion missing. Nonetheless this was a restorable signal that looked great when put back into shape.

The photos below show the signal as it looked when it came in. (The reflectors were taped and lamp compartments packed with shredded paper to prevent further breakage.)

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A 1927 model AGA.
The signal just unpacked with the sections stacked.
The distinctive SSC visor.
These visors are reproductions made
using an original visor as a pattern.
Original identification plate.
Banged up bottom section.
1930's frugality. The tip of the visor is
a mirror image of the base. Visors can be stamped
from a continuous roll with virtually no waste.
Just had to light it up before restoring.

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