Willis Lamm's
Traffic Signal Collection

  LFE / Automatic Signal
Signals in the Eagle "intersection" (foreground.)

  Automatic Signal 12-8-8

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Since LFE / Automatic Signal was acquired along with Eagle by Mark IV Industries, I put the Automatic Signal 12-8-8 in the Eagle intersection.

Automatic Signal was formed in 1928 and produced the first practical traffic actuated controllers. In the 1930s the Automatic Signal line was bought by Eastern Industries, and again in the 1950s by the Laboratory for Electronics Co. (LFE.) In the 1980s Mark IV Industries bought LFE, but sold the line to Siemens in 1997. Siemens now calls the product line Eagle TCS. (Confusing enough for you?)

Traditional winged tire logo.
Polished aluminum reflector.
Terminal block.
8 inch lens, TL-4777 sawtooth pattern.
12 inch lens, LFE "brick" pattern.
Distinctive LFE cutaway visor with tunnel tip.

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