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  Eagle Signals, Part Five

  Eagle "Alusig"

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I never thought much of Eagle Alusigs until I actually restored one. These are very definitely industrial strength signals with very stout and well fitting aluminum castings that actually have a somewhat graceful appearance from the sides and back. These were definitely serious contenders at a time when traffic signals were transitioning from 8 inch to 12 inch models.

The Alusig was well suited for mounting back plates. The signal had a good mounting surface for plates to attach using heavy hex head screws. (This signal is displayed without the back plate to get a better view of the signal design.)

Profile View.
Back view with logo and trademark.
This Alusig was equipped with Kopp 4955 "brick" pattern lenses. Actually the green and yellow lenses are Kopp. The red lens is an identical pattern that was made in Poland. The visors have J-slot notches and attach to the lens collars in a fashion similar to CH-Type M and TSI signals.
Terminal strip in second section; R-Y-G-RC-YC-GC.
"Brick" lenses set into the doors.

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