Willis Lamm's
Traffic Signal Collection

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  Durasig 5-Section

There are only a few polycarbonate signals in the collection and the 5-section Durasig is by far the most noticeable, measuring just over 6 feet end-to-end, including the mounting brackets.

Polycarbonate signals are popular in a number of regions. They aren't as rugged as aluminum but they are less expensive and weigh much less than similarly designed aluminum signals. Therefore polycarbonate occasionally has some real advantages.

This particular signal is an Eagle Durasig 5-section protected left turn signal. It would typically be post mounted as it would be too long to hang from a span wire or mast arm. (A dog house signal would ordinarily be used for an overhead installation.)

There' not much to restore with poly signals. This one just mainly needed cleaning, be wall mounted and wired up to the master controller.

Side view. Reflectors nest into the housing "cones."
Close-up of reflector set in housing.
Back side of reflector and door.
Terminal strip behind green ball: R-Y-G-C-YA-GA.

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