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James Kicker and Misty

Misty is a 5 year old mare that a renowned mustang trainer once said was the toughest mustang he had ever tried to get close to. She just doesn't see any point in warming up to people.

She went to a good adopter who also couldn't make much headway. Once they got a halter on her, she would do just about anything, but she wouldn't willingly be approached and haltered. We decided to generate all sorts of activities with her.

Taking a treat
First day here we took her out to the horse course where she navigated every obstacle, then touched some strange objects and even a pig. She wasn't afraid of stuff, she just didn't like people. So we decided to make people part of her regular social world.
Actually warming up to Herbie and James

Misty came in with a pretty badly tangled mane and tail. It was pretty soon evident why. After Sharon untangled and braided her mane it measured over 39 inches long, even in braids! Her tail touched the ground.
Mane in braids
Measured 42" when brushed straight!

The long ones are nearly 40"
Learning to stand at the tie pole

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