KBR Wild Horse and Burro Information Sheet


Silver Springs is located in Lyon County at the intersection of US-50 and US-95A. It is just east of Stagecoach and the wild horses that roam the hills of the Flowery and Virginia Ranges north of Stagecoach also establish grazing territories north of Silver Springs.

The Geiger Grade Buckskins

The Geiger Grade Buckskins make up the largest band in the area, numbering 22 head in the summer of 2007. They originally ranged south of Fernley until urban development forced their relocation. Then this spectacular band amazed tourists for years as they ranged on the slopes below SR-341 on Geiger Grade overlooking the outskirts of Reno and Washoe Valley.
The buckskins (right) with Peacemaker's band (left) in 2004.
A large area wildfire named the Andrew fire displaced them yet again and they ended up in the hills north of Silver Springs.

"Bubba," the band stallion.
We first discovered the buckskins in Silver Springs when we responded to a request to get a horse disentangled from a fence. The thirsty horses had smelled a resident watering her trees and were trying to get to it.
Thirsty horses.
LRTC volunteers got state approval to establish an emergency wildlife water tank to provide water for the horses.
A photo record of the "rescue" of the Geiger Grade Buckskins and how they are doing on the range can be viewed here.

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