KBR Wild Horse and Burro Information Sheet

Virginia Range Seasons
Storey County, Nevada
Part Two

Two bands sharing a grassy knoll overlooking Washoe Valley
I was fortunate enough to photograph this dawn interaction at an emergency feeding station between "Brinkley," a local dog, and a band of horses that he had befrended. The yearlings would play with the dog until they had enough of it.

During the drought the emergency feeding programs and with the natural vegetation that remained, the more dominant bands have managed to succeed and remain in the high country. These photos are of "Napoleon's" band, with closeups of his lead mare, Josephine and her new foal, Josie.

Napoleon's band still roams the highlands. Unfortunately Big Red's band (shown in Part 1) migrated down into civilization in search of more food. They wound up by the highway where some horses were killed in road accidents. Red and the remainder of his band were trapped by the state and were subsequently held by volunteers and placed in adoptive homes. They are all being well cared for and some of them are even under saddle.

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