KBR Wild Horse and Burro Information Sheet

Santa Barbara County, CA


In February, 1997, the National Park Service purchased Santa Cruz Island from the Francis Gherini family. During negotiations to purchase the island, they were not aware of the herd of wild horses which lived there. Those members of the public who knew of the presence of the horses incorrectly assumed that the NPS would maintain this unique and interesting herd.

NPS plans call for returning the island to its natural state. Unfortunately since the horses aren't recognized by the NPA, it is their plan to remove them from the island.

The Santa Cruz horses possess a number of unique characteristics having adapted to the island conditions over many generations. One example of this uniqueness is their year-round breeding cycle which is uncommon to nearly all other North American wild horses. A grass roots effort is underway to preserve these historic horses and we urge you to visit Save the Heritage Herd Foundation's Free-Roaming Horses of Santa Cruz Island website for a more complete history, lots of interesting photographs and information regarding the efforts to preserve the herd.

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