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Nokota horses traditionally ranged in the Little Missouri Badlands of SW North Dakota, appearing in the late 19th century. The horses are believed to be descendents of the Sitting Bull ponies as well as horses which escaped or were released from the ranching industry.

The National Park Service enclosed the Nokota's traditional range area and in doing so "captured" numerous Nokota horses. The NPS' initial intention was to eradicate these horses, although a small demonstration herd is now "officially" sanctioned.

These horses not only have historic value for all westerners, but they have significant cultural and historic value to some of our Native American peoples. Many have urged the State of North Dakota to designate the Nokota horse as an "honorary state equine" and this status was achieved in 1993. The NPS, however, has yet to manage the horses in a way that would preserve a historically accurate herd.

For a more complete discussion on these rare animals and private efforts to preserve the Nokota bloodline, please follow the link below to:

Nokota Conservancy Website

Photo: Castle McLaughlin, Ph.D.
Dale Offerman and "Chief"

Photo: Rockin' Bar H Ranch


We're in the process of identifying and listing ligitimate breeders of Nokota horses who can be found on the internet. This list will be updated as we receive information.

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