KBR Wild Horse and Burro Information Sheet


Horses! They're out there. Observe the speed limits and observe the road! Reduce your speed when conditions warrant. Pull completely off the highway to sightsee. If you're not used to horses on the highways, drive with due care and stay alert!

Typical sign of horses preparing to cross the highway.

Oftentimes fences keep horses close to the highway.

Horses can be anywhere.

(Volunteers moving horses away from the highway.)

Some bands are getting pretty used to people.

Can you spot "Phantom," the gray band stallion out on the center line?

On Nevada's open range highways, drivers are liable for any livestock that they may hit. If drivers see livestock near the highway, they have a responsibility to adjust their speeds so that they can stop if necessary.

Common highway locations in the greater Reno - Carson City area that are frequented by horses are:

  • US-50 from Carson City to Silver Springs

  • US-95A from Silver Springs to Fernley

  • State Routes 341/342 from Mound House to US-395 south of Reno.

We want to protect our wild horses, preserve public safety and prevent horses from needlessly being rounded up. Please stay alert for horses at all times. When you spot horses near or on the highway, drive with common sense and caution!


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