KBR Wild Horse and Burro Information Sheet

Wild Horse Adoption at the Reno Livestock Events Center
August 20, 21 & 22, 2004
Reno, Nevada

Adopt a Wild Horse or Burro in Reno!

Nevada is the "Mother Lode" of America's wild horses and burros. Many will be available at this year's Western States Wild Horse and Burro Expo. Available for public adoption will be horses from BLM's Palomino Valley Center (many trained to saddle at the renowned Warm Springs Inmate Horse Training Program), the famous Virginia Range "Comstock" horses, and a few head from US Fish & Wildlife Service's Sheldon Wildlife Refuge.
A typical band Nevada mustangs awaiting processing.

This will be the most diverse assortment of "mustangs" available for adoption in the US this year!

Prison trained BLM and Virginia Range horses will be offered on a competitive bid basis on Saturday afternoon. (Please see the official Event Schedule for exact time and location.) Additional Virginia Range and Sheldon mustangs will be available on a continuous "walk up" first come - first served basis throughout the weekend.

To ensure receiving a bidder number, adoption applicants should have an adoption application preapproved by their local BLM office prior to the adoption event. (Applications can be submitted at the event, subject to verification and approval.)

A Private Maintenance and Care Agreement will need to be executed after an animal has been selected for adoption by the pre-approved applicant. At that time payment is required by means of personal cheek, money order, traveler's checks or cash. Checks will need to be made payable to U.S. Dept. of Interior, Bureau of land Management for BLM animals and to the adoption agency of record for Virginia Range and Sheldon animals. (NOTE: Personal checks are the most preferable method of payment).

Ungentled horses will not be loaded into anything other than an appropriate livestock trailer. Arrangements for the use of a sturdy livestock trailer must be made prior to receiving an adopted horse. Verify with BLM officials or recognized volunteers that your trailer is acceptable prior to adoption time. Volunteers may be on hand to assist with local transportation. If you need transportation assistance, verify the availability of this service with the volunteers prior to bidding.

For those adopters also showing "tame" animals at the horse show, please plan your loading accordingly. If you want to load a newly adopted wild horse into a trailer with the animal(s) you are showing, you will need to be able to gate off the wild horse or make arrangements for a separate trailer.

There will be continuous demonstrations of wild horse gentling, handling and training in multiple locations throughout the event.

Adopters of lead line and saddle horses can participate with their horses in a day-long bomb proofing class on Sunday for a nominal fee.

Questions concerning the adoption should be directed to Susie Stokke at Susie_Stokke@nv.blm.gov.

For questions concerning the horse show contact Nancy Kerson at nosrek@sprynet.com.

List of Animals

A listing of animals being offered will be provided as the event draws close and we know what animals will be available. Please check back at the beginning of August to view the list.
Warm Springs inmates working a BLM horse
Well socialized animals
A Virginia Range gelding
Examples of Sheldon horses

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