KBR Wild Horse and Burro Information Sheet


(Information and graphics courtesy of BLM, Colorado District Office)

Interested in helping the Wild Horse and Burro Program? Volunteers are an essential element of this program and you can help. Depending on their expertise, experience and availability, volunteers are used for:

  • Helping maintain range and habitat improvements

  • Inventorying and monitoring wild horse and burro herds

  • Assisting with roundups

  • Processing paperwork for adoptions

  • Following up on adopted animals

  • Helping adopters successfully gentle, socialize and get appropriate training for their animals

Walnut Creek (CA) Adoptor's Workshop

To learn more about wild horse and burro opportunities available in your area, contact any BLM Office.

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This is not a BLM operated or BLM sponsored site. It is run by private wild horse and burro enthusiasts. We are thankful to the BLM for providing the information which is presented here.

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