KBR Wild Horse and Burro Information Sheet


(Information and graphics courtesy of BLM, Colorado District Office)

Due to federal protection and a lack of natural predators, wild horse and burro herd sizes often expand beyond the capability of the range to support them. The BLM then rounds up the excess animals and makes them available for adoption.

Individuals interested in adopting a wild horse or burro may obtain information by writing:
Bureau of Land Management, Royal Gorge Resource Area, PO Box 2200, Canon City, Colorado 81215-2200 or by calling (719) 275-0631.

Free material which can be sent to you includes a How-To-Adopt brochure, questionnaire and an application form. After the requested information is returned to the Canon City office and approved, your name will be put on a mailing list for future adoption information.

The natural enemy of wild horses and burros is the mountain lion. Drought, range conditions and severe winters also control these populations naturally.

Colorado's wild horses are feral. Feral means domestic ancestors turned wild. Wild horses and burros adapt well to captivity.

Burros are in demand as guard animals to protect sheep herds from predators.

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This is not a BLM operated or BLM sponsored site. It is run by private wild horse and burro enthusiasts. We are thankful to the BLM for providing the information which is presented here.

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