KBR Wild Horse and Burro Information Sheet
(With a Wild Horse or Burro)

Information and graphics courtesy of BLM,
from their Getting Acquainted pamphlet,
which is available at your area BLM Field Office.

You and your adopted horse or burro made it! The facilities you so carefully prepared to qualify for adoption are ready and waiting for their new occupant Now you must get the animal inside them.

You should have a small corral (approximately 400 square feet) of sturdy construction to house your wild horse or burro until he is gentle. Do not turn your wild horse or burro loose in a large pasture immediately as you may have great difficulty catching him again. At the other extreme, placing him in an enclosed stall of less than 144 square feet before he is gentled is dangerous both to the animal and to you.

To unload your animal, back the trailer all the way up to the corral gate. Make certain the horse or burro can only go into the corral, and that he cannot escape around the side of the vehicle. Also be careful you do not stand in his path as he backs out of the trailer. If he is hesitant to leave the vehicle, stand at the front and gently motion toward him. He will probably move backwards simply to escape you. Immediately close the gate after he enters the corral.

Provide him with good quality hay and plenty of water soon after arrival. Make certain the containers are safe - no sharp corners please! Try to keep flapping articles (such as laundry, loose newspapers, balloons), barking dogs, children at play, machinery and motorized vehicles, and other loud signs of civilization away from your horse or burro at first. Let him rest quietly and adjust to his new home for several days.

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