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Lucky after the
"Safe Squeeze"

This is a continuation of Lucky in the Safe Squeeze.

The images below are of Lucky in his first walk on halter and lead out of the wild horse pens. They were taken shortly after he was haltered for the first time during his fourth session in the Safe Squeeze. He was prepared for this adventure prior to being led out of the wild horse pens through the use of "Gentling Wild Horses 101" approaches.

The first photos may appear a little odd as I was by myself, taking this wild horse on his first walk on lead, and trying to snap pictures when I could.

By the way, on his first day out, Lucky navigated all the obstacles in the horse course including the stairs, pit, bridge and tire rings. This was after we had a "dust devil" come down on us just as we entered the horse course!

Checking out the cavaletti
"Nervous nose" at the steps
"Can I do this?"
Crossing the Bridge
A little "bait" at the top of the steps
This pit is cool!

Late that afternoon James Kicker took Spirit out to the horse course. It was a good time for Lucky to get back out too. Corrine Davis happened to be at the ranch working River and stopped to snap these images.

Lucky did well, even with the other horse and handler close by working obstacles.

Crossing cavaletti
Very focused on his handler
Nice pass over the bridge
In the scary pit!
Learning to trailer load
King of the mound!
Checking out the pit
Job well done!
Preparing to step down
Please note that Lucky's ability to come out of the squeeze and be led around the stable is the result of our prior "Gentling Wild Horses 101" work. Without some interactive work with the horse, it is not appropriate to take a newly haltered horse from the squeeze into an unconfined area!

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