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Part Two

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Pancho was another six year old former band stallion. While he had some gentling work at Susanville, he still regarded anyone he didn't know who approached him as a potential rival looking for a confrontation. His defense would be to charge whomever disturbed him.

Our biggest challenge with Pancho was to desensitize him to humans "up close and personal" and turn off his subconscious defensive responses.


Lucky is a survivor of a very hostile area where horses are routinely shot for sport or chased by ATVs. He was extremely panicked around humans and required a great deal of "creative special handling."

The Olympic Horses & Burros

One of the projects we were able to get involved with included gentling three California wild horses and three burros for the BLM. They will be part of a western heritage display at the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Games. These animals were a great catalyst for bringing the volunteers together and they were also a wonderful learning experience for the newer volunteers.

These animals came to us fresh out of the Ridgecrest holding facility and some were pretty recently gathered off the range. We had a nice variety of traits and personalities to work with.


Misty is an adopted BLM mare who has never really liked people. She went to good adopters but she needed more attention than her adopters could give to get her fully socialized around humans.

Misty is making great strides toward becoming comfortably domesticated and will soon be available for adoption from our program.


Pequiño is an 8 year old Kiger gelding who has been broke to ride but who has confidence issues. When frightened he would bolt. Unfortunately the approaches that trainers used to teach him to overcome this problem only made it worse. Most recently a trainer relentlessly assaulted him with a flag (plastic bag on a stick) which resulted in his being paranoid of plastic.

It's back to basics for Pequiño with supportive and interactive approaches.


Tonopah is a 6 year old former band stallion estray from Nevada that has been held by the Virginia Range Wildlife Protection Association. We had the opportunity to have Tonopah brought down to the Knightsen Learning Center to be gentled for adoption.

While he doesn't have any particular issues, he is a classic former band stallion in both the physical sense and attitude, and he will be great for the mentors to work with.


Hope is a 6 year old mare who was abandoned by an irresponsible adopter. She was found in a corral in the snow with no food or water. The Virginia Range Wildlife Protection Association managed to rescue her and processed her for readoption.

She came in totally wild and presented with significant anxiety but she also gave looks that seemed to signal that she wanted to get along with people.


Hoonah is a BLM turnback that had some issues due to an improperly fit halter that had twisted on his head and had caused some nasty sores.

We found Hoonah to be a delightful horse to work with and his case study follows his progress with his new adopter.

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