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Part Two

A scary "plastic cougar"

Harry Trotter and Corrine

Harry Trotter is a captured wild horse who at the time of this session just learning to pack a saddle. His original adopter put a saddle on him too loosely and it spun under Harry's belly, creating a significant amount of anxiety. (It was hours before a volunteer could get over to help remove the saddle.)

Harry needs to get past this fear generating episode and volunteer Corrine Davis felt that it was time to leave his sterile environment and deal with an arena full of objects. Actually, Harry seems to concentrate better when there is a lot of stuff going on.

Harry wearing a saddle
Stepping through the ground poles
Approaching "Flag Alley"
Walking through the flags
(Harry was readopted and is now ridden bareback and goes out under saddle on trail rides.)

Paris and Anne

Paris is from the infamous Fish Creek rescue. She's a pretty steady thinker but she was captured totally wild and unhandled.
Checking out a spinning flowers
Approaching a fluttering flag
Approaching "Flag Alley"
Walking through the flags
Being touched by the pool toy
Wearing the pool toy
First the horses are presented with relatively fixed objects (although the flowers twirl and the flags flutter.) After they are processing all of these stimuli well, then they are approached and touched with some of the toys and other objects.

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