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Patents from 1965

Patents are an effective way to understand the development of street lighting in the United States. In this section I have posted patents as I located them. (Early patents are difficult to locate as they were not cross-indexed.)

All patents are listed in order of their filing dates. Click on the patent number or thumbnail to view the entire patent.

In 1965 there was a drive to develop combination systems combining street light lumiares and residential service transformers. Also shallow bowl refractors were developed in an effort to provide lighting from pendant luminaires that was similar to that provided by ovate (clamshell) and cobrahead luminaires.

Patent No. 3361931

Filing date: January 11, 1965
Patent date: January 2, 1968
Title: Photocontrol Device for Gaseous Discharge Lamps
Inventor: Dennis W. Vollrath
Assignee: McGraw-Edison Co.
Claims: Photcontrol better designed to handle heavy startup current for HID type lamps.

Patent No. 3341718

Filing date: April 15, 1965
Patent date: September 12, 1967
Title: Combined Street Light and Residential Power Construction
Inventor: Clarence R. Acker
Assignee: McGraw-Edison Co.
Claims: Combination luminaire and transformer vault for residential services.

Patent No. 3320415

Filing date: May 17, 1965
Patent date: May 16, 1967
Title: Street Light Refractor
Inventor: Franklin M. Neal and John D. Ryan
Assignee: Corning Glass Works
Claims: Improved shallow bowl refractor.

Patent No. D204081 (Design patent)

Filing date: May 17, 1965
Patent date: March 15, 1966
Title: Street Lighting Refractor
Inventor: Franklin M. Neal and John D. Ryan
Assignee: Corning Glass Works
Claims: Improved shallow bowl refractor.

Patent No. 3349239

Filing date: June 21, 1965
Patent date: October 24, 1967
Title: Outdoor Lighting Luminaire
Inventor: James H. Fahey, Russell C. Dahl, Carl J. Fredrickson, Jr., and Leon F. Bonk
Assignee: Joslyn Manufacturing and Supply Co.
Claims: Improved bucket luminaire with ballast equipment in the bracket arm.

Patent No. 3359413

Filing date: June 29, 1965
Patent date: December 19, 1967
Title: Lamp Positioning Mechanism
Inventor: Walter M. Waldbauer
Assignee: Westinghouse Electric Corp.
Claims: Improved adjustable socket holder for positioning mercury vapor lamps.

Patent No. 3325638

Filing date: July 23, 1965
Patent date: June 13, 1967
Title: Unitized Vapor Lamp
Inventor: Henry C. Pfaff, Jr.and John Kepenach
Assignee: Pfaff and Kendall
Claims: Sealed beam reflector-lamp-refractor mercury vapor luminaire.

Patent No. 3398274

Filing date: July 26, 1965
Patent date: August 20, 1968
Title: Optically Round, Mechanically Ovate Reflector with Radially Stepped Sections
Inventor: Charles H. Rex
Assignee: General Electric Co.
Claims: Improved gumball refractor with ovate light distribution properties.

Patent No. 3315072

Filing date: August 16, 1965
Patent date: April 18, 1967
Title: Luminaire
Inventor: Donald D. Harling
Assignee: McGraw-Edison Co.
Claims: Improved mini cobrahead.

Patent No. 3363092

Filing date: October 19, 1965
Patent date: January 9, 1968
Title: Luminaire Assembly for a Divided Highway
Inventor: Donald D. Harling and Philip B. Clark
Assignee: McGraw-Edison Co.
Claims: Low level median luminaire for a divided highway.

Patent No. 3339065

Filing date: November 1, 1965
Patent date: August 29, 1967
Title: Post Top Mounted Luminaire Having Axially Mounted Components
Inventor: Harold P. Kelley
Assignee: General Electric Co.
Claims: Post mounted mercury vapor luminaire.

Patent No. 3334219

Filing date: December 1, 1965
Patent date: August 1, 1967
Title: Luminaire
Inventor: Kurt Franck and Herbert A Odle
Assignee: Holophane Co.
Claims: Clamshell refractor producing 4-way directional lighting when intalled on a corner.

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