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Patents from 1963

Patents are an effective way to understand the development of street lighting in the United States. In this section I have posted patents as I located them. (Early patents are difficult to locate as they were not cross-indexed.)

All patents are listed in order of their filing dates. Click on the patent number or thumbnail to view the entire patent.

The mid 1960s saw many refinements and innovations. There are so many patents that we only have room for one year per page. There were developments in both clamshell and cobrahead luminaires. Some communities preferred the smaller clamshell profile and there were issues related to weight and heat when ballasts and similar components were included in the cobrahead body. As a result, inventors continued to develop both types of streetlights.

Patent No. 3215980

Filing date: January 14, 1963
Patent date: November 2, 1965
Title: Reflecting Device for Public Street Lighting Appliances
Inventor: Marie Henri Hubert Adam
Assignee: l'Eclairage Technique
Claims: Improved light cutoff for cobrahead luminaires.

Patent No. 3184199

Filing date: January 15, 1963
Patent date: May 18, 1965
Title: Luminaire
Inventor: Phillip B. Clark and Edward R, Jablonski
Assignee: McGraw-Edison Co.
Claims: Cobrahead with improved slip fitter.

Patent No. 3204092

Filing date: January 29, 1963
Patent date: August 31, 1965
Title: Street Lighting Luminaire
Inventor: Edward R. Jablonski
Assignee: McGraw-Edison Co.
Claims: Improved latching devices for cobrahead luminaires.

Patent No. 3187175

Filing date: March 21, 1963
Patent date: June 1, 1965
Title: Power Distribution System
Inventor: Richard J. Lang
Assignee: McGraw-Edison Co.
Claims: Combination luminaire post and transformer vault for residential service.

Patent No. 3225187

Filing date: March 29, 1963
Patent date: December 21, 1965
Title: Luminaire Assembly
Inventor: Paul J. Curtin
Assignee: McGraw-Edison Co.
Claims: Post mount mercury vapor luminaire.

Patent No. 3219812

Filing date: May 2, 1963
Patent date: November 23, 1965
Title: Lamp Holder Assembly for Luminaires
Inventor: Charles E. Turner
Assignee: American Electric Manufacturing Co.
Claims: Adjustable socket for cobrahead luminaires.

Patent No. 3213271

Filing date: May 10, 1963
Patent date: October 19, 1965
Title: Luminaire
Inventor: Joseph Agustus Tolbert
Assignee: General Electric Co.
Claims: Adjustable beam shallow refractor luminaire.

Patent No. 3241257

Filing date: June 24, 1963
Patent date: March 22, 1966
Title: Information Suppling Unit
Inventor: Joseph Agustus Tolbert
Claims: Combination street luminaire and illuminated sign.

Patent No. 3264465

Filing date: September 3, 1963
Patent date: August 2, 1966
Title: Luminaire
Inventor: Charles H. Rex
Assignee: General Electric Co.
Claims: Bucket luminaire with components in bracket arm.

Patent No. 3344268

(Original Filing: September 12, 1963)
Filing date: January 25, 1966
Patent date: September 26, 1967
Title: Refractor for Use in Uniformly Illuminating a Polygonal Area
Inventor: Herbert A. Fouke
Assignee: Holophane Co.
Claims: Refractor design that produces a polygonal pattern.

Patent No. D199456 (Design patent)

Filing date: September 17, 1963
Patent date: October 27, 1964
Title: Luminaire Lens
Inventor: Dale E. Welty
Assignee: Holophane Co.
Claims: Shallow refractor for cobrahead lunminaire.

Patent No. 3264466

Filing date: October 16, 1963
Patent date: August 2, 1966
Title: Luminaire
Inventor: William D. Bacon, Jr.
Assignee: General Electric Co.
Claims: Bucket luminaire with components in bracket arm.

Patent No. 3267276

Filing date: November 12, 1963
Patent date: August 16, 1966
Title: Street Lantern
Inventor: Paul Hasler
Assignee: Novelectric
Claims: Horizontal mercury vapor luminaire that can be span wired.

Patent No. 3278743

Filing date: December 16, 1963
Patent date: October 11, 1966
Title: Street Light Refractor
Inventor: Kurt Franck
Assignee: Holophane Co.
Claims: Improved refractor for bucket luminaire.

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