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Willis Lamm

Patents from 1934 through 1935

Patents are an effective way to understand the development of street lighting in the United States. In this section I have posted patents as I located them. (Early patents are difficult to locate as they were not cross-indexed.)

All patents are listed in order of their filing dates. Click on the patent number or thumbnail to view the entire patent.

As the 1930s progressed designers continued to produce ideas that were both improvements in applying light and reducing glare, and employing detailed ornamentation.

Patent No. 2040690

Filing date: January 19, 1934
Patent date: May 12, 1936
Title: Street Lighting Unit
Inventor: Cromwell A. B. Halvorson
Assignee: General Electric Co.
Claims: Improved slipfitter side mount porcelain luminaire.
(GE Form 72.)

Patent No. 2068781

Filing date: March 5, 1934
Patent date: January 26, 1937
Title: Reflector
Inventor: Rudolf Wendel
Claims: Glass reflector to direct light.

Patent No. 2066631

Filing date: April 5, 1934
Patent date: January 5, 1937
Title: Street Lighting Fixture of the Indirect Type
Inventor: Jean L. Le Gorre
Assignee: Pennsylvania Globe Co.
Claims: Indirect lighting design to minimize glare.

Patent No. 2038815

Filing date: July 28, 1934
Patent date: April 28, 1936
Title: Lamp Bowl Retainer and the Like
Inventor: George E. Wendt
Claims: Spring loaded retainer for refractor bowls that reduces breakage from vibration.

Patent No. 2017716

Filing date: August 24, 1934
Patent date: October 15, 1935
Title: Sodium Luminair
Inventor: Cromwell A. B. Halvorson
Assignee: General Electric Co.
Claims: High output sodium vapor luminaire.
(These lamps were originally installed on the Golden Gate Bridge.)

Patent No. 2066973

Filing date: September 27, 1934
Patent date: January 5, 1937
Title: Lighting Unit
Inventor: Cromwell A. B. Halvorson
Assignee: General Electric Co.
Claims: Combination incandescent and mercury vapor luminaire.
(Incandescent used for color correction and to raise the operating temperature of the mercury vapor lamp.)

Patent No. 2071108

Filing date: November 21, 1934
Patent date: February 16, 1937
Title: Lighting Fixture
Inventor: Chester W. Brown
Assignee: Line Material Co.
Claims: Improved decorative support for canopy of post mounted luminaires.

Patent No. 2089693

Filing date: December 13, 1934
Patent date: August 10, 1937
Title: Luminair
Inventor: Solomon English
Assignee: Holophane Co.
Claims: Prismatic panels for luminaires.

Patent No. 2050364

Filing date: December 18, 1934
Patent date: August 11, 1936
Title: Series Lamp Socket
Inventor: James F. Morton
Assignee: Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co.
Claims: Resettable magnetic cutout socket.

Patent No. 2137089

Filing date: March 8, 1935
Patent date: August 11, 1936
Title: Lighting Fixture
Inventor: Samuel B. Kraut and Harry J. Chase
Assignee: Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co.
Claims: Reflector luminaire for mercury vapor and sodium vapor lamps.

Patent No. 2063095

Filing date: March 11, 1935
Patent date: December 8, 1936
Title: Street Lamp
Inventor: George B. Heath and George F. Heath
Claims: Improved lamp base mount for post acorn luminaire.

Patent No. 2099034

Filing date: April 25, 1935
Patent date: November 16, 1937
Title: Refractor
Inventor: Thomas W. Rolph
Claims: Improved prismatic design for bowl (gumball) refractors.

Patent No. 2117862

Filing date: May 2, 1935
Patent date: May 17, 1938
Title: Street Lighting Fixture
Inventor: Alwin G. Steinmeyer
Assignee: Line Material Co.
Claims: Improved support system for post mount refractor bowls.

Patent No. 2124807

Filing date: August 30, 1935
Patent date: July 26, 1938
Title: Light Sensitive Apparatus
Inventor: Wesley B. Wells
Assignee: Union Switch and Signal Co.
Claims: Photoelectric device that turns lights on at dangerous crossings upon detection of headlamps, such as from a train.

Patent No. 2140646

Filing date: October 4, 1935
Patent date: December 20, 1938
Title: Reflector for Street and Highway Lighting
Inventor: Percival H. Mitchell
Claims: Admiral's hat reflector.

Patent No. 2097298

Filing date: October 24, 1935
Patent date: October 26, 1937
Title: Method for Manufacturing Electrical Cut-outs
Inventor: George J. Meyers, Jr.
Assignee: General Electric Co.
Claims: Improved reliability in voltage for cutouts.

Patent No. 2141942

Filing date: November 20, 1935
Patent date: December 27, 1938
Title: Photoelectric Relay
Inventor: Chauncey G. Suits
Assignee: General Electric Co.
Claims: Low impedence photoelectric relay design.

Patent No. 2196548

(France Filing Date: November 25, 1935)
US Filing date: November 19, 1936
Patent date: April 9, 1940
Title: Highway Lighting Apparatus
Inventor: Merry Cohu and Alfred Trequigneaux
Assignee: Anciens Etablissements Saunier Duval Frisquet
Claims: Horizontal low glare roadway luminaire.

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