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  Street Light Street Views -
Old Time Survivors

This section is a Street View tour of vintage and historical street and pedestrian lights for enthusiasts to view and in hopes of encouraging cities and towns to preserve some of these old luminaires and electroliers, or at least choose replicas that reflect the character of historic districts when modernizing their lighting. The images link to Google Street Views to make it easy to "look around" if an image interests you.

  Pasadena, CA

Form 79s

There are quite a number of form 79 lamps still in service. They appear to still be incandescent although it would take a night trip to tell for sure.
Classic Form 79 with "gumball" refractor. (Stoneridge Drive)

Classic Form 79 with semi-teardrop "gumball." (Ontario Avenue & Mt. Vernon Place)

Form 79 with long "teardrop." (Busch Garden Court)

Suspended MV Form 79. (S. Arroyo Boulevard and La Loma Road)
(Using Street View you can move and pan along the guy wire to the pole and see a remote ballast.)

180 degree perspective including the bridge. (S. Arroyo Boulevard and La Loma Road)
(The correra globe decorative post fixtures on the bridge were recently reinstalled.)

One of many Form 79-VR "V" Refractors. (South Arroyo Boulevard & Westbridge Place)

Bishop's Crooks

Bishop's crook with radial wave reflector. (Normandy Drive)

Bishop's crook with a dish reflector. (Inverness Drive)

Bishop's Crooks with Holophane lamps with band refractors converted to HPS. (Glenn Oaks Boulevard)

Sectional Glass Post Mounts

Sectional glass with opaque canopy. (South San Rafael Avenue)

Sectional glass with sectional glass canopy. (Linda Vista Avenue & Mt. Vernon Place)

Antiques district sectional. (May be a reproduction.) (Paseo Colorado)

Quadruplets. (May be reproductions.) (E. Green Street)

Domed top sectional. (Colorado Boulevard and Garfield Avenue)

Oval doubles. (Colorado Boulevard at the historic post office)

Opal glass Luminaires and Electroliers

Classic opal glass globe. (Bellefontaine Street)

Low intensity illumination. Another view showing relative height. (Bellefontaine Street & S. Arroyo Boulevard)

Classic bridge lighting. (South San Rafael Avenue Bridge)

Opal glass globes. (Holly Street Bridge benches)

Then there is the incredible Colorado Boulevard Bridge.

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Please note: If you notice any entries that need correction or are aware of vintage lights still in service that should be added to this section, please Email Me.

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