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  Preserving Historic
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Concepts for improving the
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Part Four


Please note: This feature is a continuation of a report that originates in Part One.

Pendant Globes.

The following globes are generally interchangeable. Please note that this interchange information is based on published globe dimensions and the ability to fit into vintage luminaires. Optical characteristics may vary. It is best to check with suppliers to confirm applicability for a particular purpose. Most patterns are available in both glass and acrylic.

GE No. 193, No. 232
Joslyn J-904087A(E)
Line Material H106
Ray-Lite No. RL-102
Sequoia No. SL-102
Westinghouse W1374987, W889203
Line Material H119, H160
Ray-Lite No. RL-201
Sequoia No. SL-201
Clear 628-205C1
Line Material H109, H140, H163, H166
Ray-Lite No. RL-202
Sequoia No. SL-202
Clear 628-237C1
Joslyn J 904095
Ray-Lite No. RL-203
Sequoia No. SL-203
Westinghouse W787950
Clear W1374999
Joslyn J 904085
Ray-Lite No. RL-204
Sequoia No. SL-204
Westinghouse W889138
Clear W1375000
Joslyn J 904096A(E)
Ray-Lite No. RL-205
Sequoia No. SL-205
Joslyn J 904086A(E)
Ray-Lite No. RL-206
Sequoia No. SL-206
GE No. 207
Ray-Lite No. RL-207
Sequoia No. SL-207
GE No. 205
Ray-Lite No. RL-208
Sequoia No. SL-208
Replacements for out of production globes can be obtained from Ray-Lite and Sequoia Lighting.

If anyone has additional verified interchange information to share, please Email me.

Decorative Post Mount Globes

Post mount globe interchange information will be added next.

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When restoring any electrical equipment please always focus on safety first. The information presented here is basic and for illustrative purposes only. Your equipment and installation conditions may warrant taking additional precautions. Therefore the material presented here is not intended to supersede the recommendations of a qualified electrician who is familiar with your specific project and environmental conditions.

If you have comments, see an error or think of something that should be added to this section, please
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