Willis Lamm's
Traffic Signal Collection

  Traffic Control Technologies (TCT)
12 Inch Round
Pedestrian Signal

Twelve inch round pedestrian signals were not very common and raised hand and walking man round pedestrian signals were even more rare. The hand / man design came into use about the same time as pedestrian signal lenses became square or slightly rectangular in shape. Nonetheless there were a few round raised hand, walking man pedestrian signals made and one of them is displayed here.

The signal housing was made by TCT. The lenses were made by Lexalite. The Lexalite walking man looks pretty animated compared with the present day walking man profile. (I guess those were better times.) These particular 12 inch round hand / man designs were used primarily in Canada. In Canada they were the standard designs used in Fortran pedestrian signals.

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Back view of aluminum housing.
Portland orange outline of raised hand.
The reflector frame is plastic.
Animated lunar white walking man.

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