Willis Lamm's
Traffic Signal Collection

  Signal Service Corporation (SSC)
Type BAP-13 Fixed 3-Way Beacon
With Offset Angle Adapter

For background information regarding Signal Service Corporation (SSC,) please visit the SSC BAP-34 Fixed 4-way page.

This particular beacon was unique for two reasons. It was already restored when I received it which is very uncommon. It was a beacon that came with an offset angle adapter for use in an intersection where the cross street was not perpendicular to the primary street.

Adapters like the one used in this beacon fit between the box frame and the door. The adapters generally also supported the reflector at the offset angle.

A birds-eye view of the beacon with offset angle adapter.
This particular design was originally produced by American Gas Accumulator Company (AGA) and was continued when SSC bought out AGA in the early 1930s.
AGA casting numbers still appear on some of the cast parts.
The reflector (protected by the brass shell) fit into the adapter.
Most SSC signals came with Kopp 27 diamond pattern lenses.
This beacon was originally painted dull green however it looked so good and showed its details so well in bare polished aluminum that I decided to leave it unpainted.
Reassembled and ready to hang in the collection.
Hanging in the collection

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