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Traffic Signal Collection


Internally Controlled Signals
Part Two


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While the more modern Sargent-Sowell signals used Synchron internal controllers, the beacons continued to use induction disc flashers as did their successor, Traffic Signals, Inc.

As with the regular signals, the beaons had a separate closed compartment in the bottom of the signal body that housed the controller. The controller could be easily accessed for servicing by loosening two bolts.

Sargent-Sowell doors were made so that they could be easily completely removed for servicing the beacon. The beaon used aluminum dish reflectors with slight ridges that snapped into place and used Kopp TL-4777 sawtooth pattern lenses.

Disassembled for stripping and repainting.
Undergoing rewiring, showing the reflectors.
Induction disc flash controller in lower compartment.
Testing on the bench.
Installed and ready for operation.
Operating in the collection.

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