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Traffic Signal Collection

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  Marbelite 4-Way Signal

The Marbelite 4-way signal in the collection came from Seattle, WA. Based on its location and signal features, it appears to have been first installed in the late 1940s or possibly early 1950s. The signal had special order "bluntie" cutaway visors rather than the typical Marbelite "tunnaway" visors of that vintage, probably to conform to Seattle visor specifications.

This signal also came with Corning "long bolt" Marbelite lenses.

The signal arrived in parts and full of bullet holes. I nicknamed the project "Marb-in-a-box." The final product was truly representative of the cooperation of signal collectors as I traded several times to get what I needed to finish the signal.

In this feature I will attempt to illustrate the features unique to WW-II vintage Marbelites.

Repainted and waiting reassembly.
Horni Signal casting number on top plate.
Old style bakolite terminal block.
Older style reflector with pigtail wire hinge.

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