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Part Three

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GE "Brick" Lenses

GE had Kopp Glass produce a new style of beaded lens that had a staggered brick-like pattern. The original lenses were simply marked Kopp Glass and had the GE logo cast into the front of the lens. A later revision was given the number TL-4655. We have seen three slight variations in the brick lenses.

When Econolite bought out the GE Traffic signal line the same lenses were used with the Econolite logo cast onto the glass.

Crouse-Hinds T-3 Lenses

When Crouse-Hinds produced it's Type R signal it came out with a different lens that was sort of a cross between the T-2 beaded lens and the Marbelite 6540 lens. This lens was also given the part number GB-5670. The rim included the T-3 designation and the GB number.

Some later GB-5670 lenses had "1-3" cast onto the rim instead of "T-3." We think this may have been an error on the part of the person setting the letters into the glass casting.

Eagle "Semaphore Flag" Lenses

For most of its signal production Eagle's non-lettered lenses were very small beaded Kopp Type 88-A lenses that had crossed semaphore flags on the center of the lens. One flag contained the word "STOP" and the other contained "GO." These lenses were very efficient at diffusing light without having too much phantom issues. Later lenses had the more modern square Eagle logo in the center of the lens.

Marbelite TA-19418 Lens

Later Marbelites came out with TA-19418 lenses, also known as "teardrop" lenses due to the teardrop shape of the beads. These were quite narrow beads as compared to the traditional Corning lenses. The TA-19418 lenses did not display the Marbelite "M" with the lightning bolt through it as did the previous Marbelite lenses.

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