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  Highway-Signal & Sign

Highway-Signal and Sign was part of the evolution of signals from the old Horni Manufacturing Company. Horni was sold out to Marbelite of New York. Many early Marbelite flat-tops had Horni Signal part numbers still showing on their castings although reflectors and a few other details differed from Horni.

It is believed that the original owners of Horni operated Highway-Signal and Sign for a short while after selling Horni, perhaps to fulfill some contract obligations.

This particular beacon used the same castings as Horni and Marbelite. Highway-Signal and Sign also used a parallelogram logo on the back, similar to early Marbelites. The identification of the manufacturer of this signal was made possible by the full manufacturer's stamp on the reflector rim.

Parallelogram on back.
Inside of lens door.
Top identical to Marbelite flat top.
Highway-Signal & Sign reflector.
Same housing as Marbelite flat top.
Horni Signal part number on door.
Bottom with knock-outs to connect sections.
Manufacturer's ID on rim.

Highway-Signal and Sign produced beacons and regular single faced traffic and pedestrian signals. We are not aware of any 4-way heads produced by this company.

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