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Traffic Signal Collection

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  G.E. "Novalux"
Solid Body Traffic Signal

Catalogs show GE traffic signals appearing as early as the mid 1920s. Their original single face signals had solid bodies. Prior to about 1932, the doors on the signals had unusual hinge and latch configurations with the hinges at the upper left and latch on the lower right sides of the doors.

The doors from the mid 1930s and later had hinges
evenly spaced on the left side and a latch centered on
the right side with a knurled nut.

This particular signal was found in incredibly good condition and had a single coat of original factory black paint. It only required sanding and repainting, plus a little work on the original fabric coated wiring.

I was also fortunate in getting some lettered "command" spiderweb lenses that are period correct for this signal.

Here are some restoration pictures.

Repainting in progress.
Knurled nut latch.
Original terminal block.
Solid body, GE logo.
Assembly: The reflectors hinge on doors.
Lenses installed, waiting to install visors.

Here are close-ups of the Holophane lettered "command" lenses.

The signal installed in the collection.

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