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  Eagle Lettered 9" Pedestrian Signal

This Eagle 9-inch lettered pedestrian signal was manufactured after WAIT - WALK pedestrian signals were being phased out (when it was decided that "WAIT" looked too much like "WALK" from across the street) but before the hand - walking man symbols became the standard for pedestrian signals. Several manufacturers made lettered pedestrian signals that displayed Portland orange "DONT WALK" and lunar white "WALK" indications.

Eagle used it's standard flat back traffic signal housing for the pedestrian signal, and added an adapter section that held a rectangular polished aluminum reflector and to which the door and lens mounted. The signal had glass lettered lenses and it gave very clear indications to pedestrians. The design was easy service and to change bulbs.

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Conventional Eagle "flat back" housing.
DONT WALK indication.
Door opened to change bulb and clean reflector.
WALK indication
Middle section opened to adjust bulb socket and service wiring

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